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Conditions of service for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training


9.Teachers and Education Staff

9.8Conditions of service for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training

Last update: 15 February 2024

Based on a joint guidance by Ministry of Education and Sport and Ministry of Finance, procedures for hiring teachers that teach general subjects are similar to those conducted with high school teachers. On the other hand, to hire the theoretical and practical vocational training teachers in vocational training institutes are as follows. Once a free place is created for such teachers the director of the concerned institution must within five working days make public the announcement in National Employment Service Website, in the website of the relevant institution and in the VET portal.  Following announcement the applicant must protocol required documents to the respective VET institution in which he/she wants to be employed. Then an assessment commission (AC) is established compound by: a business representative , the professional culture teacher with the longest experience in the institution, a teacher which is a board member of the institution a teacher selected by teaching personnel. The commission  reviews the submitted documents and the respective list of applicants, the applicants whose documents are missing are noted in writing, evaluates profided data of each applicant as well as conducts oral interviews to ecaluate all applicants with an evaluation from 1 to 10. Following assessment procedures the head of the commission gives to the director of institution the ranking of all candidates and announces it into a public place within the institution. Following this assessment the head of institution choses the first out of two candidates that are higher ranked The type of contract for teachers of vocational training and for instructors of centers of vocational training are collective ones similar with the collective contracts used by teachers of general high school. 

Continued professional development of teachers is one of the main pillars of quality assurance in vocational education. Based on a thorough analysis of the pre-service and in-service system of teachers and instructors of theoretical and professional practice, two strategic documents have been drafted:

• "Human Resource Development Guide to VET" and
• "Concept-Paper for Initial and Continuing Teacher Training in VET".

Both of these strategic documents have been drafted with the support of GIZ.
Currently, they are trained and are in the process of training through the 24-day "Didactic Basics" VET program, 342 teachers and instructors, and will be trained and 330 other teachers for 2018