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Conditions of service for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training


9.Teachers and education staff

9.8Conditions of service for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

The programme for the relevant education field, in part related to teaching staff i.e. programme providers, specifies the necessary qualification of the education level and the type of professional qualification in accordance with the specificities of the qualification/module/subject area. If needed, it also sets out the required work experience in the relevant field and proven additional competencies and skills.

The Law on Adult Education prescribes that teaching staff, i.e. educational programme providers, engaged by a licensed education provider have to be andragogically trained to work in adult education.

Andragogical training is acquired by completing a programme of andragogical training, which has been adopted by the competent council. Andragogical training is organized by the Centre for Vocational Education, at the request of a candidate. Upon completed training, the Centre issues a certificate of andragogical training to the candidate.

The programme of andragogical training comprises six modules that are implemented through a cycle of seminars:

  • Specificities of adults in the process of adult education and learning
  • Communication in adult education
  • Organisation, planning and programming in adult education
  • Modernisation of the education process and group dynamics
  • Adult education methods, and
  • Evaluation and self-evaluation in adult education.

Individuals engaged by licensed adult education providers to perform teaching and training are hired on the basis of special employment contract that regulates mutual obligations and remuneration for the services provided.