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Teaching and learning in single-structure education


5.Single-structure Primary and Lower Secondary Education

5.2Teaching and learning in single-structure education

Last update: 15 February 2024

Teaching and Learning

Curriculum, Subjects, Number of Hours

The core curricula for pre-university education (including also basic education) is prepared at national level. On the other hand the number of subjects and hours per school year are defined by respective act of minister of education 

In regard to curricula of specific classes for specific subjects and specific levels of integrated basic and lower secondary education the Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-university education is the key institution in charge for curricula preparation. Also the agency engages teachers, experts from the ministry or from other bodies or relevant external experts during preparation of respective currricula. Curricula for integrated basic and lower secondary education contain the so called core curricula composed of obligatory subject and the so called curricula by choice from which pupils can choose respective subjects of their interest.

To access specific programmes of basic education i.e. classes I-IV:

For lower secondary education please consult the following link:


Teaching Methods and Materials

The curricula in basic education as in all types of education for each class [klasë] is composed by the core curricula [kurrikula bërthamë], the curricula of subjects by choice [kurrikula e lëndëve me zgjedhje]. All curricula are drafted by relevant experts of the  National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and approved by Ministry of Education and Sports .

Currently, the whole pre-university education system, including basic education has undergone a curricular reform and competenced based curricula are sent for each level. Regarding teaching methods they are diverse and vary. In general teachers are free to choose the approach that best suits them as long as their methods do not go beyond the approved programmes and curricula.