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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
National Reforms in Early childhood education and care


14.Ongoing Reforms and Policy Developments

14.1National Reforms in Early childhood education and care

Last update: 16 February 2024


No new reforms in this area for the first two months of the year. Page will be updated subsequently.


Pre-school education to be obligatory for at least 1 year

Following respective legal changes which will enter into force soon. pre-school education for  1 year at the age of 5 might be obligatory in Albania. Once the law enters into force it will apply nationwide


Pre-school Novelties Predicted in the  New Strategy for Education

The new strategy on education predicts for the following novelties regarding early childhood education and care (pre-school education): increasing full inclusion of children in pre-school (early childhood education and care) education and increasing attendance of preparatory classes. 

Drafting of Framework Curricula for Pre-school Education and Assessment standards for teachers

The Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-university Education has drafted the respective standards for teachers assessment and the core curricula for pre-school education.