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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
National reforms in early childhood education and care


14.Ongoing Reforms and Policy Developments

14.1National reforms in early childhood education and care

Last update: 15 October 2022


“Every child should learn to swim!” sub-programme started on 1 February 2022

The programme, established by the Hungarian Swimming Association and funded by the Hungarian Government, aims to ensure that all children learn to swim. The goal is to reach more than three hundred thousand children with the involvement of three hundred sport facilities by 2028. As part of this unique program, swimming education included in the school curriculum as part of the physical education classes is provided free of charge by trained professionals. After completing the curriculum, students will be able to swim one hundred meters in three different swimming strokes continuously, and move safely and confidently in the deep water. The first round of the programme starts with the involvement of about twelve thousand kindergarten and primary school children in twenty cities. The number of cities and participants will be expanded in further stages.


SmartKindergarten Programme for nurseries

In the framework of the Digital Wellbeing Programme, 100 institutions (kindergarten and nurseriess altogether) had the opportunity to apply for a grant for website development. The institution could develop its website tailormade for its needs with the help of a free web design and consulting service opportunity. In addition, one employee of the institution may participate in a free course about designing and operating a website.

The „Green Kindergarten” Programme is 15 years old

The Ministry for Agriculture and the Ministry for Human Capacities – on the basis of national and international experience – promotes the green education of kindergarten children which is tailor made for that their age and experience. The “Green Kindergarten” Network in Hungary has become 15 years old; the number of member institutions endorsing green education and awareness raising of children in the topic is about 1000 including the successful newcomer applicants.


Additional kindergartens of ethnic minorities

Additional kindergartens of ethnic minorities can be established following the rules set in Act of Ethnic Minorities and in the National Core Programme of Kindergarten Education and Care in order to foster the language and culture of ethnic minorities.

Kindergarten enrolment

From the year 2020 onwards, the institutional registration/enrolment of the kindergarten age group is registered in the central register of the Educational Authority. This is followed by that the territorial administration bodies and the families receive personalized feedback on the status of registration and the necessity of enrolment.