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Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level


2.Organisation and Governance

2.7Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level

Last update: 15 February 2024

Pre- University education

For pre-university education institutions at central level are defined in section 2.6. This section identifies institutions at local and/or school level. 

Besides the Local Education Directorates of Pre-university Euducation and the Local Education Offices of Pre-University Education described in section 2.6. the Law on pre-university education defines the following organs at local and institutional level:

The Local Council of Pre-University Education [Këshilli Vendor i Arsimit Parauniversitar]: Created by decision of head of region and functions by regulation approved by them.

At school level the law on pre-university education defines the following organs

The Commission of Ethics and Behaviors [Komisioni i Etikës dhe Sjelljes] of the pre-university education institution composed by teachers, parents and pupils. Its task is to review complaints of pupils’ parents and personnel of the institution regarding infringements of ethic and behaviour norms and to propose measures to the director of the institution.

The Board of Education Institution [Bordi i Institucionit Arsimor] composed by parents teachers and pupils, representative of local governance and representatives of the community. The board is tasked with: approval of mid-term and yearly plans of the institution; approves the curricula drafted by the education institution; participates in the procedure of appointment and dismissal of the director of the respective institution as well as with those of teachers.

Council of Teachers [Këshilli i Mësuesve] of the education institution composed by all teachers of the institution. It is a collegial body for the governance of institutions’ activity.

Pupils’ government [Qeveria e Nxënësve] is an organ that protects and promotes pupils rights and assists in school activities. For a more specific overview on pre-university education please refer to chapters 5 and 6.

Higher education

In regard to local organization of higher education system it should be noted that in Albania higher education system is centrally managed and there are no organs at local level in difference from the pre-university education system. 

Organs responsible for governance and administration at central level are described in section 2.6.  

At higher education institution level, according to the Law on higher education higher education institutions organs at University level include:

The Academic Senate [Senati Akademik] is the highest collegial body of the higher education institutions headed by the Rector. It is elected by general voting for a four years period. The senate is composed by professors and students. The last compose at least 10% of the senate.

The Rector [Rektori], is the highest academic authority of the higher education institution and acts has its legal representative. Its mandate lasts four years and it can be re-elected once. Rectors are appointed by a Decree of the President.

The Rectorate [Rektorati] is a collegial organ headed by the Rector and composed by the vice-rectors, administrators of the institutions and heads of main units. Its functions are described in the statute of the institution.

The Head of the Main Unit [Drejtuesi i Njësisë Kryesore] is the Dean of the faculty or director of research institution. It is the highest authority of the main unit and its legal representative.

The Deanate [Dekanati] is a collegial body lead by the Dean of the higher education institution and composed by the dean vice deans head of main and basic units.  Its functions are described in the statute of the institution.

The Council of Ethics of Higher Education Institutions [Këshilli i Etikës së Institucionit] is tasked to review the issues related to ethics during teaching and research. Its functions are established in the statue of the higher education institution.

Head of Basic Unit [Drejtuesi i Njësisë Bazë] is the head of department or the head of the research center as well as its legal representatives.

Permanent Commissions [Komisionet e Përhershme] are collegial organs that conduct their activities on a specific issue. Its composition and theme are described in the statue of the higher education institution.