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Organisation of oriented upper secondary education


6.Upper secondary education and post-secondary non-tertiary education

6.7Organisation of oriented upper secondary education

Last update: 15 February 2024

Types of institutions

For oriented upper secondary schools oriented education institutions such as musical lyceum or foreign languages high schools are the types of institution. Their duration usually is up to 4 years.

Age levels and grouping of students

Age levels and grouping of students is very similar to that in upper secondary general education described in the relevant section.

Admission criteria and choice of school

Admission criteria in oriented upper secondary vocational education institutions are similar to those used for the other types of upper secondary education.  Sometimes respective schools may pose additional criteria such as competition to access. Such criteria are define in their statutes which are approved by Ministry of Education and Sports by order of minister.

Organization of school time

Organization of school time for such institutions is similar with those of vocational education upper secondary education. School time is organized by respective orders of Minister of Education  and Sports  that change on yearly basis.