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Programmes outside the bachelor and master structure


7.Higher education

7.4Programmes outside the bachelor and master structure

Last update: 15 February 2024

Programmes outside Bachelor and Master Structure

The short cycle programs include “Professional” Certificate (one-year degree courses), “Professional” diploma (two-year degree courses), with 60 ECTS and 120 ECTS, referred level 5 of Albanian Qualification Framework (AQF). For getting admitted to the two short cycle study programs in both public and non-public HEIs, the candidate must be in possession of a final upper secondary school qualification “State Matura or Professional State Matura diploma”. A “Professional” diploma or certificate gives to the holder the right to access the labour market or/and continue any further academic studies on first cycle of higher education (HE) study programs. The admission to HE studies it is not automatic but it is dependent on the condition that the student complies with  the minimal national quality threshold grade which is established by the specific DCM and complies also with the specific admission criteria established by the HEIs.