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Support measures for learners in higher education


12.Educational Support and Guidance

12.5Support measures for learners in higher education

Last update: 16 February 2024

Three categories of students benefit from scholarships of teaching grants:

  • Excellent students;
  • Students enrolled in study programmes that constitute a national priority;
  • Students who belong to disadvantaged social groups.

Scholarships for excellent students are awarded to students with maximal GPA in admission, at national level, regardless of the study programme or the institution where they have chosen to attend their studies. The student continues to benefit from this grant if throughout the years of study her/his results continue to be excellent. Scholarships for students are granted to those students who have chosen to attend a study programme in a public higher education institution whose area of study constitutes a national priority, as provided by Council of Ministers. Scholarships for students of disadvantaged social groups are allocated to students who are admitted to public higher education institutions and meet the criteria to be considered students in need, as provided by Council of Ministers. The student loan scheme is open to all students who earn the right to study in higher education.