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Other education staff or staff working with schools


10.Management and other education staff

10.4Other education staff or staff working with schools

Last update: 27 November 2023

In the schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı-MEB), non-teaching personnel other than administrators, teachers and inspectors also render service according to capacity and characteristics of school. These are administrative personnel, health staff, librarian, technical personnel, assistant servants and etc. All personnel are subject to Civil Servants Law (Devlet Memurları Kanunu) with regard to the service conditions (status, salaries, working period and holidays, promotions, retirement, so forth.)

Inservice Training of the Non-teaching Staff

The duty of “preparing, implementing and evaluating the training plan for the personnel of the Ministry for non-teachers) was listed in the Article 316 of the Decree of the Presidency (Decree No: 1) published in the Official Gazette dated 10.07.2018 and numbered 30474. The duty of the General Directorate of Personnel was listed as the duty.

Non-teacher personnel classification; MEB central organization managers, Education Inspectors, National Education Specialist / Assistant Specialists, Provincial National Education Managers and Deputy Directors, District National Education Directors, Branch Managers, School Managers, Chief / Officer / VHKİ, Staff Workers in MEB / Technician / Engineer / Attorney vd. It enters.

The in-service training plan, applications to the activities, application results and all data sets for central and local in-service training activities are followed through the address

In the preparation of in-service training plans;

Development plan, executive programs, strategy and policies of the Ministry regarding education and action plans, shura decisions, research and needs assessment reports, audit reports, program changes, personnel demand, ongoing projects and realization rates of previous years in in-service training activities, 2023 The targets in the Education Vision Document are taken into consideration.

In-service training activities also include;

- that the needs, demands and expectations of the participants are met,

- to ensure equality of opportunity between titles,

- attention is also paid to budget facilities.