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Early childhood education and care


4.Early childhood education and care

Last update: 27 November 2023

Institutions that offer preschool education to children aged 36–68 months are called kindergartens. In addition, children aged 45–68 months can also attend preschool education in primary schools, as stated in Regulation No 30827 of Early Childhood Education and Primary School Education Institutions of 10 July 2019.

It is stated by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services that 0-24 month old children are taken care of in kindergartens and 25-66 month old children are taken care of in day care homes

Preschool education is compulsory for children in need of special education.

The purpose of pre-school education; In accordance with the general objectives and basic principles of national education, to ensure that children develop physical, mental and emotional skills and acquire good habits, to prepare them for primary school, to create a common education environment for children from unfavorable environments and families, and to ensure that children speak Turkish correctly and beautifully.

Although pre-school education is an optional education level, it is aimed for each child to benefit from pre-school education services for at least 1 year. Pre-school education is compulsory for children with special educational needs. Pre-school education services are provided free of charge in public institutions.


Registration in Pre-School Education

According to the 19th article of the National Education Basic Law, pre-school education is optional and covers the education of children who have not reached the compulsory primary education age. In the 13th article of the Primary Education and Education Law, "Children who have not reached the age of compulsory education are educated in pre-school institutions." Moreover, it is stated in the same article that these institutions can be opened by real and legal persons, private administrations and the State.

With the Decree Law No. 652 on the Organization of the Ministry of National Education dated 14 September 2011, the General Directorate of Primary Education and the General Directorate of Pre-School Education were combined and established as the General Directorate of Basic Education.

Financial status

Parents can pay dues for feeding and other expenses. These fees are determined by the Provincial Directorates of National Education as the ceiling fee. In the 2021-2022 academic year, fees may vary according to the age group (3-4 years) and the scope of food services. In addition to schools coordinated by the MoNE, there are also day care homes and nurseries managed by municipalities and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policies (See Chapter 3). As emphasized in the third section, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policies generally provides services between 0-66 months, crèches are for children aged 0-24 months, day care centers are for children aged 25-66 months. In addition to public schools, there are also private preschool institutions. Their fees can vary greatly.