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Other education staff or staff working with schools


10.Management and other education staff

10.4Other education staff or staff working with schools

Last update: 27 November 2023

Other Education Staff or Staff Working with Schools 

The following personnel, other than teachers, do work that relates to education in schools: 

  • Speech therapists are hired by many compulsory schools or work within an educational region serving more than one school. 
  • Social Pedagogues are often hired to look after students with special needs.
  • Psychologists, education advisors and teachers in special education are hired by local education offices.
  • Librarians with teaching qualifications are employed to run the school libraries.
  • Educational and vocational counsellors.
  • Sign-language translators are hired to assist hearing impaired parents with information regarding their child's education. 

Individual teachers in compulsory and upper secondary schools are also in charge of various tasks related to teaching such as the supervision of subjects or departments, dorms, equipment, and social life or hobbies of the students. These tasks are either a part of everyday duties or carried out as overtime work.

In compulsory schools, doctors and nurses provide health care on a regular basis, according to a plan given by the Health Department. In most upper secondary schools, doctors provide health care.