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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Staff involved in monitoring educational quality for early childhood and school education


10.Management and other education staff

10.2Staff involved in monitoring educational quality for early childhood and school education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Requirements for Appointment

In order to provide guidance and inspection of the services provided by the Ministry or under the supervision of the Ministry, study centers may be established or removed in the same way, with the approval of the Minister, in provinces deemed necessary. A sufficient number of Chief Inspectors, Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors are employed in the Presidency of the Inspection Board and in the work centers.

To be appointed as Assistant Inspector:

a) To graduate from law, political sciences, economics and administrative sciences, economics and business faculties that provide at least four years of undergraduate education, or from higher education institutions in the country or abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council.

b) To be successful in the competitive exam to be held

In addition, appointments can be made to the positions of Assistant Inspectors from among those who have served in teaching for eight years or more, and who are successful in the competitive examination to be held separately.

It is essential that the Chief Inspector, Inspector and Assistant Inspector work for at least one year in the work center where they are assigned. The Presidency may change the work center where the Chief Inspector, Inspector and Deputy Inspector are assigned, regardless of this time limit, if necessary and required by the service.

Conditions of Service

Counseling, workplace education, monitoring, evaluation, inspection, research and interrogation provisions in the early childhood, primary and secondary education institutions of the MoNE are carried out by the Educational Inspectors.