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Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level


2.Organisation and governance

2.7Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level

Last update: 27 November 2023

The Ministry of National Education is composed of the provincial and foreign organizations except the central organization. The Ministry is authorized to establish an overseas organization.In this context, the activities of the training program created by the central service and units are used in educational institutions. The local offices of the Ministry of National Education and provincial education directorate, district education directorate, and the directorate are composed of schools and institutions. It is located in the administrative structure of the Republic of Turkey's 81 provinces. There are national education directorates in 919 districts. Provincial and district education directorates of the Ministry carry out their activities under supervision and control. District director of education, tasks and services are also responsible to conduct the provincial educational activities. The opening of the educational institutions of the provincial organization structure, and related operations are performed on the closing governorships, and the Ministry is informed of the result.

The supervision of the education and training system at the local and institutional level has been assigned as the duty of the Presidency of the Inspection Board of the Ministry of National Education with the decree no 1 Presidential Decree. The Board of Inspectors is composed of the Inspectors of Ministry of National Education and the Ministry's Assistant Inspectors. 

The main duties of the Board of Inspectors are to provide guidance to Ministry personnel, Ministry schools and institutions, private education institutions and real and legal persons in the field of duty of the Ministry, to provide services regarding guidance to public institutions and organizations, real and legal persons and voluntary organizations operating in the field of activity of the Ministry, to provide regarding the activities and operations of all kinds of organizations under the control of the Ministry and the Ministry. All of these activities have been determined as an inspection, examination and investigation within the framework of the duties and authorities of the Ministry with an understanding that hides prejudice, educative and guidance approach.

Governors at the local level are authorized to supervise the work and operations of the Provincial National Education Directorate in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Provincial Administration No. 5442.