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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Legislation and official policy documents


15.Legislation and official policy documents

Last update: 27 November 2023

(Content in progress)


NUM         TITLE

                  Constitution of the Republic of Turkey


430         Merging of Schooling Law


657         Law on Civil Servants


2547      Higher Education Law


1739         National Education Fundamental Law


3308      Vocational Education Law


2923      Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Law


5580      Private Education Institutions Law


4306      Primary Education and Education Laws, Fundamental Law of National Education, Law of Apprenticeship and Vocational Education, Law on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of National Education and Law concerning Obtaining Tuition Fees from Specific Processes and Documents and Amending the 3418th Law dated 24.3.1988


3795      Law on Assigning Ranks to Specific Graduates of Secondary and Tertiary Programs


3580      Law on Free Hostels and Allowances for Educating Teachers and Education Specialists in Higher Education Institutions and Social Supports for Those


2841      Law on Basic Literacy Provisions or Offering Primary Education Level Provisions for Citizens beyond Compulsory Primary Education Age


2698       Ministry of National Education School Pensions Law


2684       Law on Free Hostels and Allowances for Primary and Secondary Education Students and Social Supports for Those


1607      Law on Establishment of Revolving Fund for Children with Special Education Need and Regional Boarding schools   


222         Primary Education and Education Laws


6660      Law on State Provisions for Highly Gifted Students of Fine Arts


6581      Law on Minority Schools, Teachers of Turkish and Turkish Culture         


3423      Law on Revolving Funds of Vocational and Technical Education Schools Affiliated to the Ministry of National Education


2133      Revolving Fund of State Books Law       


1416      Law for Students to be sent to Foreign Countries


1353     Law of Acceptance and Application of Turkish Letters


DATE               NUM               TITLE

14/09/2011     28054             Law Amending Ordinance on Organization and Duties of the Ministry of National Education



06/06/1997     573                 Law Amending Ordinance on Special Education



DATE                   NUM        TITLE

17/08/2013         28738      Decision on the Application of School Status Program


23/07/2009         27297      Decision on Salaries of Civil Servants Residing Abroad in Permanent Status


16/12/2006         26378     Decision on Course and Additional Course Hours of Teachers and Administrators Affiliated to the Ministry of National Education


03/07/2003         25157     Working Principles and Criteria for the Inter-Ministry Common Cultural Commission and Decision on the Qualifications of the Personnel to be Appointed to Abroad by This Commission 


02/11/1985         18916      Principles of Appointing Foreigner Teachers on Contract Basis to the Schools Affiliated to Ministry of National Education  


DATE                   NUM      TITLE

1/7/2015              6825347 Ministry of Education Regulation of Secondary Education Institutions


17/4/2015            29329    Regulation of Teacher Appointment and Moving


31/12/2014         29222    Regulation of Ministry of National Education Publications and Marketing Issues of Educational Materials


26/11/2014         5751811 Regulation of Legal Consultancy of Ministry of National Education


3/10/2014            29138   Regulation of Publications on Education and Culture


2/10/2014            29137   Regulation on Education of Turkish Students in Foreign Countries


11/9/2014            29116    Regulation of Transportation for Education


26/7/2014            29072   Regulation of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education Institutions


8/7/2014              29054    Regulation of Council of Ministry of National Education


24/5/2014            29009    Regulation of Board of Counseling and Inspection and Boards of Educational Inspectors


12/10/2013         28793    Regulation on Appointment of MoNE Personnel via Promotion, Degree Changes and Translocation


27/11/2012         28480   Regulation of Dressing Codes of Students Affiliated to the MoNE Schools


18/11/2012         28471   Regulation of Directors in Province and Town Ministry of National Education Directorates


18/5/2012            28296    Regulation of Private Education Institutions


30/3/2012            28249    Regulation of National Education Specialists


20/3/2012            28239    Regulation of Special Education Institutions


9/2/2012              28199    Regulation of School-Family Union


21/5/2010            27587    Regulation of Mass Education Institutions


6/11/2008            27046    Regulation of Fine Arts Education


10/7/2008            26932   Regulation of Free Pensions and Scholarships in Primary and Secondary Education Institutions and Social Supports


29/1/2008            26771    Regulation on Work Places for Practicum and Inspection of Those Institutions


 31/5/2006            26184    Regulation of Teaching Foreign Languages


31/5/2006            26184    Regulation of Special Education Provisions


2/5/2006              26156   Regulation of Special Vocational Rehabilitation Centers


24/12/2005         26033    Regulation of Vocational Open Upper Secondary Education Schools


14/12/2005         26023    Regulation of Open Upper Secondary Education Schools


3/12/2004            25659   Regulation of Private Student Hostels


 22/10/2001         24561    Regulation of Open Lower Secondary Education Schools


17/4/2001            24376   Regulation of Counseling and Psychological Guidance Provisions


24/10/1994         2417       Regulation of In-service Training


30/10/1983         18206    Regulation of School Hostels Affiliated to the Ministry of National Education