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Adult education and training funding


3.Funding in education

3.3Adult education and training funding

Last update: 27 November 2023


Adult education activities provided at public institutions are funded similarly with public primary and secondary education institutions. There is a public funding from the state budget. In addition to public funding, such incomes as protocols, voluntary donations and other incomes support this type of education. Furthermore, municipalities, foundations, associations, vocational institutions and stakeholders directly support adult education.

Fees Paid by Learners

Learners who are educated/trained through public education centers designed for making adults literate do not any pay fees. In other words, any educational activities related to this type of education are funded by the state. Non-formal education services are provided by a non-governmental organization such as foundation, trade union. However, a private business body is subject to fee.

Financial Support for Adult Learners

Since the core investment of the adult education is the public administration, adult learners who want to receive education concerning their interest fields are financially supported by the state in a way that allows them to take the course free. General Directorate of Turkey Business Council Unemployment Insurance Fund covered by the employment Incentives "the acquirement and professional development courses" and "job training program have been in progress since March 9, 2013. However, there is a direct provision of financial support. They are daily paid 27-54 liras. 

Pursuant to the Vocational Qualifications Authority Law No. 5544; No occupational qualification certificate is available for the occupational qualifications specified in the communiqués published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In this context, there are 81 occupations. All of the examination fees and the document expenses are met from the Unemployment Insurance Fund, once for the individuals who are entitled to take the exams and to get the documents.

Private Education

Adult educational private institutions are financially autonomous to make and spend their budgets.