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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach


12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 27 November 2023

Guidance and counselling services in the non-formal education of general and vocational trainees involve being guided to work, the preparation of work life, the promotion of individual and social development.

Academic Guidance

Academic studies are included as educational guidance counseling services in the Turkish education system. In this service, appropriate program is aimed for each student in all kinds of educational levels, unique abilities, interests, and professional values to ensure compliance with the achievement and motivation of the rate of educational applications, features and work done needed.

More individuals in educational guidance at this stage are prepared according to the specifications and development programs for vocational guidance.

Psychological Guidance

Individual counseling work in the Turkish education system guidance includes providing the necessary guidance and counseling services to assist in emotional problems as well as students' individual and social development support. Individual guidance involves supporting their personal and social development and maturation as well as help to students' problems, and it is arranged for individual and group activities.

Guidance activities for families in individual counseling services institutions are considered in this context.

Educational and vocational guidance with respect to individual and social development activities will also be organized under the guidance of the group counseling services. These activities are carried out to meet the developmental needs of the students because they are programmed in accordance with scientific standards, implemented, evaluated and developed.

Guidance services are arranged and provided for parents and family education programs for ages 0-18.

Career Guidance

Job areas and the profession in developing effective learning and study skills with features that professions require include awareness about the profession and working life, in improving the level of awareness, valuation of individual properties is focused in preparation for the development of adult and social life.

Introductory events for vocations are held in cooperation with Province Vocational Education Centers and ISKUR. 34.442 students participated in these events during 2017. A “Journal of Occupation Choice” was prepared for students and parents to inform them about the occupation choices.

For the students who have the possibility of employment are provided with trainings on interview techniques, work hunting skills and negotiating with the employers. In 2017, 170,074 students were trained in 3,558 different groups. In addition, guidance services are available for practitioner students at work place, via contact persons at universities. Moreover, this contact points operate as employment venues, enabling students to find part-time or full-time posts. In 2017, 3,529 individual interviews and 19,568 group interviews were carried out at 88 contact points of universities.

With an approach of evaluating physical, psychological and skills-based profiles of the candidates concerning readiness level of employment as well as social status, position in the work force market and socio-demography, a profile-based counseling model is developed in due course. To this end, Vocational Advisors are to be categorized in terms of their education, skills and aptitudes, and serve as job advisors, career advisors and employment advisors, stated by ISKUR.

By means of the Lifelong Learning Portal individuals will be able to learn about career opportunities, reach certain trainings on personal development, and lifelong learning opportunities as well as information about career planning and counseling. The portal is online and individuals can reach ISKUR, State Personnel Directorate, KOSGEB, and TOBB from a single portal and learn about career planning as well as resources on employment, career guidance. LLL TV, a TV channel by General Directorate of Lifelong Learning provides contents, developing gradually.