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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Bosnia and Herzegovina

12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 27 November 2023


Employment Institutes have recently paid greater attention to the market, by organizing courses, similar to non-governmental organizations. On the other hand, companies in the privatization process show demand for skills, mainly for management, for which there is currently a small number of courses. Some successful companies (although a small number, because of weak markets) are developing extremely high quality training through their training centers. In 2011, Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted Baseline Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is fully compliant with the European Qualifications Framework. Similar to European, the Qualifications Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina (KOBiH) has eight reference levels of education and aims to facilitate recognition and mobility, comparison of qualifications, the establishment of the concept of lifelong learning and education and quality assurance of qualifications, facilitate access to education for all, and provide horizontal and vertical mobility through education. Education levels are described through the presentation of the complexity of knowledge, skills and competences achieved on the basis of learning outcomes. These eight levels cover all levels, kinds and types of education (formal, non-formal and informal).


Academic Guidance

Academic guidelines are implemented through various forms of training which indicate the importance of further education and opportunities. Key institutions are educational institutions, adult education centers and the Department of Adult Education of the Republika Srpska.


Psychological Counselling

Psychological counselling is not systematically set up at this level of education.


Career Guidance

Career guidance is implemented through a system of adult education. Centers for career guidance are usually found within the Employment Institutes and they can provide career guidance services.