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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach


12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 27 November 2023

Academic guidance

Regarding the concept of lifelong learning, the following should be emphasized:

  • focus is shifted to students, students’ needs from the system of educational institutions,
  • emphasis is put on the establishment of the capability of independent learning
  • learning can be implemented in various places and forms,
  • and it can be continued during the whole career

Adult learning is focussed on the adult and adult’s individual motivations. Adult training activity can be provided by different state and business organisations. Accordingly, support, information, and support activity related to adult training is mainly implemented by training provider institutions. 

Websites run by employment divisions of government offices contain useful information about obtainable academic opportunities for adults.

Psychological counselling

There is no institutionalised system for the psychological support of adult learning. Handling of learning, social and personal problems to overcome learning difficulties means a part of trainings provided by the labour departments of government offices, or training organisations winning in EU applications.

Career guidance

For adults who are not in a student or pupil status, career support is implemented within organised frames, in the case of big employer companies, at the workplace.

Development of employees’ special knowledge and competences related to their workplace, as well the establishment of the frames of lifelong learning are essential in order to improve employees’ competitiveness and ease adaptation to the changing technological needs. Trainings related to workplace creating investments and aimed at improving the competitiveness of the company plays an important role in the adaptability of both the employees and companies.

The change of VET in 2016 made the obtainment of the second vocational qualification free for everyone, as well as higher VET in higher education institutions was started. Related to the above programmes, career guidance to support adult learning was improved to a great extent, mainly in institutions providing VET.