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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach


12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 28 March 2024

Academic Guidance

The Centre for Vocational Education, as an institution responsible for the development of adult education, and the Employment Office, as a central institution for the labour market, play an important role in the process of informing and guiding citizens concerning access to lifelong learning.

To inform the citizens about the activities and new projects in the field of education and employment, fairs and events, media conferences, guest appearances in television and radio programs etc. are organised. The websites of the Centre for Vocational Education and the Employment Office are regularly updated as well.

In the Adult Education Department which is part of the Centre for Vocational Education, citizens can get detailed information about adult education providers and education offer, as well as guidelines for vertical and horizontal mobility within the education system.

Within the EPALE Project, the Centre for Vocational Education has prepared and published a Guide through the System of Non-Formal Education which was distributed to all employment office units and other responsible institutions. The Guide includes: an overview of the non-formal education system in Montenegro, opportunities and method of inclusion in non-formal education programmes and the directory of licensed education providers in Montenegro.

Centres for Information and Professional Counselling have been established within the Employment Office in most of the municipalities of Montenegro. The role of these centres is to provide information and guidance related to career development.

Service beneficiaries include: school youth and their parents, students, unemployed and employed persons and employers.

Psychological Counselling

Activities of psychological counselling for professional development and psychological testing of young and unemployed persons are carried out by employees of the Centres for Information and Professional Counselling.

Career Guidance

The Employment Office organizes various forms of activities aimed at career development:

  • workshops for future high school students and higher education students on the subject of career choice;
  • workshops for high school students entering the labour market;
  • group and individual professional informing and guidance for primary and secondary school students and their parents on the topic of career choice;
  • professional informing and professional guidance - individually and in group for higher education students;
  • career planning workshops for higher education students;
  • career development seminars for the unemployed;
  • review of CVs and requests; and
  • job search clubs.

Centres for Information and Counselling are available to:

  • future secondary school students and future higher education students who have dilemmas about choosing a school/faculty;
  • the unemployed preparing for employment;
  • the unemployed with a factor of difficult employability;
  • employees seeking change of employment;
  • anyone who wishes to find out which countries offer the best chance for success; and
  • anyone who wishes to choose an alternative occupation and who is uncertain of their choice of occupation.

The Employment Office has prepared and published the Information booklet for enrolment in secondary and higher education, in cooperation with the Centre for Vocational Education, educational institutions and faculties, which includes information on secondary schools and higher education institutions in Montenegro. The information booklet also includes information on education and study programmes, situation on the labour market, scarce occupations, and other useful information and advice for a proper choice of future occupation.