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Guidance and Counselling in a Lifelong Learning Approach


12.Educational Support and Guidance

12.8Guidance and Counselling in a Lifelong Learning Approach

Last update: 27 November 2023

Academic guidance

In 2007, the former Ministry of Education, now called the Ministry for Children and Education, published the Danish strategy for Lifelong Learning (in Danish). Part of this strategy aims to strenghten and improve the councelling services throughout the eduation system to ensure the best foundation for lifelong learning.

Psychological counselling

There are no specific regulations on this area in the legislation concerning adult education.

Career guidance

The strategy for Lifelong Learning also aims to strenghten the counselling and guidance of empoyees and employers as part of a transverse initiative to ensure that the demands of the labour market is met. This presupposes a strenghtening af counselling on all educational levels and a congruence between the different levels of education.

More information can be found here (in Danish): Danish strategy for Lifelong Learning.