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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach


12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 27 November 2023

Guidance and Counselling in a Lifelong Learning Approach

Academic Guidance

Individuals with short formal education who choose to embark on studies organised on the basis of the Adult Education Act or the Upper Secondary School Act are entitled to have their individual non-formal and informal learning evaluated. Evaluation is carried out according to rules set by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture on the recognition of non-formal and informal learning and its organisation. Those who intend to embark on studies that fulfil the requirements of the Adult Education Act are offered individual guidance and counselling. 

Psychological Counselling

Not applicable. 

Career Guidance

The Adult Education Centres offer vocational and educational counselling free of charge and many Centres also offer dyslexia analysis which clients can often get refunded by their labour union.