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Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

12.Educational support and guidance

12.8Guidance and counselling in a lifelong learning approach

Last update: 27 November 2023

In the German-speaking Community, various counseling centers exist for occupational, educational, and career services. These counseling centers support young people in their first career and study choice and adults in career choice as well as in the professional (re)orientation and career planning.</p>

The Employment Office of the GC offers individual career counseling. It pursues the objective of promoting the sustained integration of the clients in the labor market. Career counseling includes the guidance of seeking advice to enable them to choose realistic academic and career opportunities, in accordance with their interests, skills, knowledge, and with the help of the available information and tools. In addition, numerous information brochures are available. The Employment Office also offers consulting and training measures by providing job seekers the necessary information, knowledge and skills to assist them in their independent job search.

The continuing education counseling of the GC advises, informs and orients independently and individually in the field of training and further education institutions. The service provides information about offers and pathways and refers to education, counseling centers and other institutions.

Academic guidance


Psychological counselling


Career guidance