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Other education staff or staff working with schools


10.Management and other education staff

10.4Other education staff or staff working with schools

Last update: 27 November 2023

In pre-school education institutions:

  • health care nurse provides first aid and health preventive care for children, informs the child's general practitioner about health problems;
  • speech therapist provides assistance and advice on problems related to speech;
  • babysitter – helps pre-school teachers.

In 2010 the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia has issued new Regulation on the Procedures by which Prophylactic Health Care and Access to Emergency Medical Assistance Is Ensured, as well as the safety of pupils in educational institutions and the events organised by education institutions is ensured.

According to the regulation, all expenditures related to prophylactic health care and emergency medical assistance have to be covered by a founder of school (in Latvia founders of schools are municipalities mainly). A nurse or doctor’s assistant, or an employee of the school gives first aid at the school. 

School director also ensures a presence of nurse or doctor’s assistant in extracurricular sport activities organised by the school. Among the responsibilities of director is also organizing of first aid training courses for the school employees. Once in a year the director has to organise testing of vision and hearing for pupils, and some other medical examinations required by the regulation.

In integrated primary and lower secondary schools and upper-secondary schools there are also librarians.