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Initial education for academic staff in higher education


9.Teachers and education staff

9.4Initial education for academic staff in higher education

Last update: 9 June 2022

The Act on Higher Education determines professional conditions of employment. That includes a clear criminal record, unobstructed capacity to act, a higher education degree and compliance with the requirements of the institution.

Teachers/professors and researchers of the study fields concerned are to possess a Master degree. None of them have to possess a pedagogical degree. There is no specific initial education programme for teaching in higher education. The instructors’ and researchers’ positions were integrated in a performance-based career system, whereas teachers’ positions were integrated in a system built on the public servants’ employment, conditional upon school qualification, career span and the public servant’s age. A new position was created for instructors in 2015. A master instructor’s position can be set up as a position assisting the students’ practical training, for those with at least ten years’ professional and practical work experience.