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Quality assurance


11.Quality assurance

Last update: 27 November 2023
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General Education

The Act on Public Education of 2011 introduced the currently operating national pedagogical professional inspection system for the evaluation and assessment of work of teachers, heads of institutions and educational institutions.

External evaluation has uniform rules and procedures at all levels of public education, including early childhood education and care (pre-primary, primary and upper secondary schools) and it is of utmost importance. The minister responsible for education is in charge of national pedagogical-professional evaluation. It is a continuous external evaluation of institutions, evaluating each institution every five years. The internal evaluation, which includes system-wide feedbacks form parents and pupils is also important in the quality improvement process. The external evaluation relies on the internal evaluation and also on the students' standardized output measurement results.

Nursery, which is part of early childhood education and care, provides care and education for children up to the age of 3. Their operation is conducted by the Child Protection Act and its implementing regulation. The education and care within nursery is based on the minister-approved National Core Programme of Nursery Education and Care.  The capital and the county government offices in their role of public health are carrying out the official control of the health care activities of nurseries. Hungarian Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection performing the methodological tasks of nurseries is responsible for their official control.