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Initial Education for Academic Staff in Higher Education


9.Teachers and Education Staff

9.4Initial Education for Academic Staff in Higher Education

Last update: 25 June 2024

The educational institutions hold the responsibility for the qualifications of their academic staff.

In order for educational institutions to receive a positive institutional accreditation, the lecturers' academic qualifications must be updated and developed on an ongoing basis.

A well-functioning quality assurance system includes that: The institution has a well-considered and systematic practice for the teaching group to stay updated with current knowledge in the areas they teach via external knowledge sources (e.g. knowledge from practice and articles) and external collaboration as well as possibly through the institution's own research and development activities.

At universities, all new researchers and lecturers complete a professional postgraduate teacher training course (universitetspædagogikum). The institutions typically have their own courses within the field.

The content of the course might vary according to the field of work, and can focus on presentation of research, research-based teaching etc. The general form and content is stated in the institution’s competence development plan for pedagogical didactic. Guidance and supervision are a part of the course. For further information on specific form and content, please visit Centre for Educational Development at Aarhus University (link in Danish), Universitetspædagogikum at University of Copenhagen (link in English) and others.

At business academies, university colleges and other higher educational institutions, there are no general statutory requirements equivalent to the professional postgraduate teacher training course. The institutions are responsible for ensuring that their academic staff fulfil the requirements of the job structure.

Additionally, the educational institutions follow these statutory requirements governing the initial education of academic staff:

  • Legislation stipulates that PhD candidates should gain either teaching or another knowledge dissemination experience during the PhD course;
  • Furthermore, the position as senior lecturer at all higher education institutions requires a positive senior lecturer assessment. For further information, please visit chapter 9.5.



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