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Support Measures for Learners in Adult Education and Training


12.Educational Support and Guidance

12.7Support Measures for Learners in Adult Education and Training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Definition of the target group(s)

All citizens can receive guidance regarding adult education and continuous education.

Specific support measures

Denmark has a long tradition of improving the competencies of the workforce beyond compulsory stages of education. In fact, the notion is that learning is a lifelong occupation. There are a number of opportunities for adults wishing to receive education and update their competencies.

The regional guidance centres cooperate with youth educational institutions in general and especially regarding young people with an extended need for guidance. The centres are funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry has the overall responsibility for the centres.

eGuidance is for all citizens – young persons and adults. This guidance-service can be reached by e-mail, chat, phone or text message seven days a week from morning to evening. eGuidance was launched in January 2011.

13 Centres for Adult Education and Continuing Training (VEU-centres) offer guidance related to a wide range of education programmes to adults, either employed or unemployed. Some of them offer programmes to people who left compulsory school without the necessary exams. Others offer highly specialised continuing vocational training courses (AMU) or general upper secondary programmes (VUC).

At the centres, guidance counsellors provide free and non-binding career guidance to companies as well as to individuals. People in employment or outside the labour market can get an overview over the various education and training programmes. They will receive an individual plan for their further education and training, which can lead them towards their career target.

The Consolidation Act on the guidance on the choice of youth education and business and obligation to education, employment etc. can be read in full here (in Danish).