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Support Measures for Learners in Higher Education


12.Educational Support and Guidance

12.5Support Measures for Learners in Higher Education

Last update: 26 March 2024

Definition of the target group(s)

Support measures for learners in higher education are carried out by special pedagogical support (SPS). The aim of special pedagogical support is to provide compensatory support to students with decreased functionalities in order for them to complete their educations on equal terms with other students. The target group of special pedagogical support is students with decreased functionalities such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Psychological difficulties
  • Deafness or hearing impairment
  • Blindness or weak sight
  • Physical handicap(s)

Specific support measures

All students with decreased functionalities can, if they wish, receive guidance on the different types of support measures they can receive during their study. The kind(s) of support measures offered depend on a specialist assessment of the needs of the student in question. Students with dyslexia, for example, can be granted aid programmes to the computer, and students suffering from deafness can be granted a sign language interpreter.

It is possible to obtain special pedagogical support at a range of different educations within the higher education system:

  • Higher educations approved for SU (the Danish students’ Grants and Loan Scheme) – extra grant for handicapped people
  • Theoretical and practical professional postgraduate teacher training for upper-secondary school teachers (pædagogikum) under the auspices of the Ministry for Children and Education
  • Education at the pastoral seminars under the auspices of the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs
  • Study visits abroad which are approved as part of the student’s Danish education which is approved for SU
  • Educations abroad which are approved for SU

SPS cannot be granted to students studying educations subject to the Act on Open Education (AAU-loven) as well as students studying private educations.

More information on SPS can be found here (in Danish).