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Adult Education and Training


8.Adult Education and Training

Last update: 26 March 2024

Adult education and training is an alternative and a supplement to the ordinary education system. The selection of programmes ranges from formal qualifying general education, continuing vocational training, and adult higher education to non-formal education.

Adult courses leading to formal qualifications for further education or for the labour market include:

  • Preparatory adult education (FVU);
  • General adult education (AVU);
  • Higher preparatory single-subject courses (hf);
  • Adult vocational training (AMU);
  • Vocational education and training for adults (EUV);
  • Academy profession programmes;
  • Diploma programmes;
  • Master programmes.

For more information on the adult education and training programmes, please visit chapter 8.4

Furthermore, multiple educational institutions operate within the framework of non-formal adult education (Folkeoplysning), including evening classes, folk high schools, day folk high schools, and university extension courses. The purpose of non-formal education is to broaden general, social, and democratic competences. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for non-formal education.

Supportive education and training offers for adults include:

  • Basic integration training programmes for refugees (IGU);
  • Education for adults with dyslexia;
  • Special needs education for adults with physical or psychological disabilities.



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