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Teachers and Education Staff


9.Teachers and Education Staff

Last update: 26 March 2024

Initial teacher education and training

The initial training of teachers and education staff depends on the educational level:

  • The initial training of pedagogues (Bachelor in Social Education) and primary and lower secondary school teachers (Bachelor of Education) takes place at one of six university colleges in Denmark;
  • The initial training of general upper secondary teachers takes place at the universities. Hereafter, they have to complete a one-year professional postgraduate teacher training programme; 
  • There is no initial education as such for the education staff in higher education;
  • Adult education: For teachers in adult education and training, the adult pedagogical basis education is supplied.

Conditions of service

Collective agreements between the trade unions and employers’ organisations define conditions of service for pedagogues, teachers and education staff.

Continuing professional development

There are several ways for pedagogues, teachers and education staff to pursue continuing professional development. The continuing professional development can be courses, conferences, diploma degrees and master degrees. Most schools and education institutions set resources aside for their pedagogues, teachers and education staff to attend in-service training.