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Initial education for academic staff in higher education


9.Teachers and education staff

9.4Initial education for academic staff in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Academic staff in public universities must hold a PhD degree as a minimum qualification.  The specific qualifications and experience required for each position of academic staff are as follows:

● Lecturer. A doctoral degree awarded by a recognised university and evidence of competence in teaching and research at the university level.

● Assistant Professor. The same as for a Lecturer and, in addition, three years of autonomous university teaching or research at a recognised university after the award of the doctoral degree. Also required are original publications in international scientific journals of established reputation.

● Associate Professor. The same as for Assistant Professor, except that teaching or research experience must total at least seven years, four of which spent in a post of equal rank to that of Assistant Professor. In addition, it is necessary to have experience in instructing and promoting research with postgraduate students or a significant contribution to research activities, an indication of international recognition of the applicant’s contribution to a certain field of research and to the promotion of the teaching and administrative work of the university.

● Professor. The same as for Associate Professor, except that experience must total eleven years, four of which must have been at a rank equivalent to that of Associate Professor.

The qualifications of the members of the academic staff of private universities are prescribed in the Charter of the university. As provided in Law 109(I)/2005 on the establishment, operation and control of private universities, qualifications shall correspond to international standards and anything applicable at the University of Cyprus.   

All members of the academic staff of the non-university level institutions of higher education (with the exception of Instructors) must be university degree holders, and must hold additional postgraduate qualifications.