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Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education


10.Management and other education staff

10.3Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Pedagogical-professional services are provided by the Educational Authority and its regional units, the Pedagogical Education Centres, within the framework of the state public education service. In the case of church educational institutions, the church Pedagogical Institutions, and in the case of institutions run by universities, the university Pedagogical Institutions are the providers. Professional support for VET institutions is provided by the Innovative Training Support Centre.

Expert advisers assist the activities of educational institutions, maintainers, heads, their deputies and teachers. The adviser shall help teachers in their work (their subject or specific pedagogical field), shall give opinions, organize consultations, in-service trainings and professional forums.

The adviser performs his/her duties under the central professional management. Criteria for advisers are to obtain a higher education degree and a professional qualification required for the position of a teacher, a successful post-graduate specialist teaching examination and at least 10 years of professional experience as a teacher. In addition to the above mentioned, he/she has to successfully complete the in-service teacher training organised by the Educational Authority. Furthermore, for some specific fields, additional conditions are stated in the ministerial decree 48/2012. (XII.12.) on the Pedagogical Professional Services and on the Institutions that Provide Pedagogical Professional Services and on the Requirements of Participation in Pedagogical Professional Services (6. § 10-11. §).

There are 26 fields of consultancy activities (mathematics or physics subject area, teacher, kindergarten teacher, pedagogical evaluation, institution development, digital pedagogy etc.). The Educational Authority maintains a  Register of Expert Advisers.  The adviser is assigned by the Educational Authority or the Pedagogical Institute. Pursuant to legal regulations, the Educational Authority may only appoint expert advisers with a master teacher degree. The master teacher adviser receives a working time allowance (as defined in the government decree 326/2013. (VIII.30.) on the Teacher Promotion System and on the Implementation of the Act XXXIII of 1992 on the Legal Status of Public Servants in Public Education Institutions (17/A §), and an exemption from work at least one teaching day per teaching week. In addition, the expert adviser is entitled for reimbursement of his/her legitimate expenses (e.g. travel expenses).