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Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education


10.Management and other education staff

10.3Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Besides the teachers there are various other persons who are qualified for counselling school administrations, teachers, students and parents. This categories of staff are regarded as central agencies and constitute an integral part of the education administration (Office of Education; Office of Vocational Training and Career Guidance), however they decentralise their activities in the various schools. Appointment, pay and requirements for appointment follow the regulations for civil servants.

School social workers

School social workers counsel and assist students and teachers as well as parents in difficult social situations, offer advice in conflicts or crises in classes and act preventively in particular classes or in entire schools. The education as a school social worker usually follows the regular education as a social worker or as a social pedagogue in further education. The education is part of the programmes at a university of applied sciences or at a university.

School psychology services

The state offers assistance from the department of School Psychology Services to interested parents, school authorities and teachers. The objectives of the School Psychology Services are detailed in the Ordinance on Special School Measures, Therapeutic Teaching Methods, Special Education and the School Psychology Service (2001) as follows:

  • Counselling of parents, children, teachers and authorities with questions of pedagogical and psychological relevance, especially in issues about learning problems, problems of performance and education, as well as in difficulties of school career and in conflicts;
  • Political commentaries on decisions of authorities about school careers, as intended by law;
  • Composing of diagnoses and recommendations, assisting in the implementation of procedures and if necessary implementing of therapies.

School psychologists are holding a degree in psychology or possibly pedagogy with a focus or with further training in child and youth psychology or rather in educational psychology and further training in counselling or therapy.

Vocational guidance, study and career advisers

Vocational guidance, study and career advisers support young people and adults in the choice of vocation, study course or career. They help them make decisions through interviews, information and tests. There is a vocational information centre in Liechtenstein counselling all school levels. The education towards a degree as a vocational guidance, study and career adviser is done at a university within the framework of the study of psychology with further training and relevant specialisation or through further education.