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Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education

Belgium - Flemish Community

10.Management and other education staff

10.3Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education

Last update: 27 November 2023

The legal status of the staff of the pupil guidance centres, Pupil Guidance Centre (PGC), is regulated by the education-staff Decrees of 27 March 1991.

The staff of a Pupil Guidance Centre [see 12.4 for their assignment and working] is made up of a number of permanent offices, ranging from director, coordinator, physician, counsellor, psycho-pedagogical counsellor, social worker, administrative employee, paramedic, psycho-pedagogical worker and assistant, experiential expert, to administrative assistant.

The office of director and coordinator are management functions and belong to the category of administrative and teaching staff. 

The administrative staff make up the support staff of a PGC, while the other posts are the technical staff of a PGC.

The general admission conditions for an appointment to a pupil guidance centre (PGC) office are the same as those for teaching staff [see 9.2]. For appointment and appointment to CLB offices, certain qualifications are required (Decision of the Flemish Government of 12 December 2003 and Circular CLB/2007/01). CLB staff members can be appointed permanently. As a rule, staff of the centres are on holidays on the days the centre is closed (see Circular letter CLB/2009/03). In addition, staff are entitled to an extra 21 working days’ holidays. Each full-time staff member in the pupil guidance centres is also entitled to a number of training days per school year to be determined by the Flemish Government (the Decree of 27 April 2018 on pupil guidance in primary education, secondary education and pupil guidance centres and the Decision of the Flemish Government of 15 June 2018 on the holiday scheme for staff members of a pupil guidance centre - Omzendbrief CLB/2009/03).

The staff members are appointed by the organising bodies.