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Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education


10.Management and other education staff

10.3Education staff responsible for guidance in early childhood and school education

Last update: 9 June 2022

Inter-school logopaedic centers are organised as integrated special education institutions to provide support for the children with speech deficiencies. The logopaedic centers employ logopaedic teachers, qualified in special psycho-pedagogy, psychology or pedagogy; these have the obligation to guide and support teachers in the methodology of language developing and correcting for children with verbal deficiencies.

The Centers for psycho-pedagogical assistance are organised at the level of each county as Pre-tertiary education complementary units subordinated to the County School Inspectorates.

In each school with more than 800 pupils psycho-pedagogical assistance units can be organised, according to the existing resources and needs.

Schools with less than 800 pupils apply to a psycho-pedagogical assistance unit organised in another school.

Psycho-pedagogical assistance centers and units ensure through individual and collective activities the psycho-pedagogical monitoring and counselling of the pupils as well as guidance of the teachers and pupils’ parents. In cooperation with the schools and the local community the psycho-pedagogical assistance centers and units also organise school and professional guidance of the pupils, information and documentation activities, etc.

Psycho-pedagogical assistance centers and units employ teachers for the following positions: psycho-pedagogue-teacher, psychologist-teacher, sociology-teacher and social pedagogue-teacher.

Working time and attributions of the personnel are as follows:

  • 18 periods per week consisting of: psycho-pedagogical assistance organised individually or collectively with the pupils, counselling, examination, pre-guiding and guiding, educational and professional re-guiding, parents and teachers counselling activities, parents meetings, data aggregation for various reports, career information and counselling, research activities, and 2-4 teaching periods.

  • 22 periods per week consisting of: scientific and methodological preparation, preparation and collection of examinations data, establishment measures and elaborating programmes for psycho-pedagogical intervention and evaluation, documentation, cooperation with the local community.

Due to the fact that logopaedic centers, psycho-pedagogical assistance centers and units employ teachers, all the provisions of the law apply accordingly regarding initial and in-service training, conditions of service, mobility, salaries, retirement and pension, etc.