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Adult education and training


8.Adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

The Law of National Education 1/2011 provides the general and integrating regulatory framework for lifelong learning in Romania.

Lifelong Learning means all learning activities carried out by every person throughout life in formal, non-formal and informal contexts for the purpose of acquiring or developing competences from a multiple perspective: personal, civic, social or occupational.

Lifelong learning includes:

  • early childhood education and care,
  • school education,
  • higher education,
  • adult education and
  • continuous training.

The main goals of lifelong learning are concerned with the full development of a person and the sustainable development of society. Lifelong learning is focused on the acquisition and development of key competences and of competences specific to an area of activity or to a qualification.

In accordance with the specific legislation on adult training, adults are defined as people at an age allowing them to get involved in work relations and can participate in training programmes under the law.

Adults have equal rights of access to training, without discrimination based on criteria related to age, gender, race and ethnic origin, political and religious membership.

The Law on equal opportunities for women and men (Law 202/2002) underlines the equal right for both genders to participate in training programmes, as well as to benefit from professional counselling and guidance.

The access of adults, employees or people looking for a job (defined in compliance with Law 76/2002) to training is a right guaranteed by the Code of Labour (Law 53/2003).

The professional training of adults, completed with qualifications or graduation certificates with national recognition and / or certificates of professional competences, is an activity of general interest that is part of the national system of education and vocational training.