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Management staff for early childhood and school education


10.Management and other education staff

10.1Management staff for early childhood and school education

Last update: 9 June 2022

Requirement for appointment

Management positions head and deputy head of school can be occupied only by permanent teachers with at least didactic grade II and 5 years seniority in education, distinguished for their professional, managerial and moral qualities.

According to the legal provisions, teachers in management positions that do not have any attested training in the area of educational management have to attain such a training programme following the appointment.

Candidates for a management position have to be recommended by the Teachers’ council of the school and have to prove their professional competence through the very good rating awarded for the previous year activity.

Appointment for the head and deputy head positions is based on open competitions organised by the County School Inspectorates (open recruitment procedure). The competition involves analyze and evaluation of the CV, as well as an interview to assess the candidate’s knowledge in the area of school legislation and educational management. The methodology for organising the competition as well as the topics and the bibliography are approved annually through Ministerial Order.

Conditions of service

Appointment in a management position is based on an educational management contract and is accomplished by the following authorities (acting as employers):

  • The General School Inspector for the deputy heads in all educational institutions

  • The General School Inspector for the heads of kindergartens, primary and gimnaziu level schools, as well as VET schools

  • The Minister of National Education for the heads of high schools and post-secondary non-tertiary education institutions.

As a general rule, the heads and deputy heads are appointed for a 4-year term of office. The conditions of service are established within the Regulation for Organisation and Functioning of Pre-academic Education Institutions, as well as within the job-description elaborated by the Minister of National Education. The job-description signed by the two parts – employer and employee – becomes an annex of the individual educational management contract (labour contract).

Heads and deputy heads of schools have reduced teaching norms – as established within the job description and based on the methodological norms elaborated by the Minister of National Education. Management personnel can be paid for supplementary teaching periods – in the limit of 4 to 6 periods per week. Working time is of 40 periods per week, including teaching periods. The heads and deputy heads manage their time such as to accomplish all their duties set by the legislation.

The basic salaries of heads and deputy heads of schools are established according to their teaching positions. To the basic salary is added a management indemnity.

Teachers appointed in management positions benefit of teaching post reservation – meaning that upon finishing their term of office they can return to the previously held teaching position. At the same time, upon finishing the term of office, they can compete again for the same or another management position.

The individual professional performances of the heads and deputy heads are evaluated annually by the General School Inspector. The evaluation is similar to the one undertaken by the teachers, except that is focused on the managerial duties established within the job-description.Considering the fact that for all management position in Pre-academic education are appointed teachers for a limited period of time, all the general provisions of the legislation concerning condition of service of teachers apply accordingly.