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Bosnia and Herzegovina

8.Adult education and training

8.3Main providers

Last update: 27 November 2023


Organizers of adult education may be institutions, organizations and other legal entities that fulfill the conditions for performing this activity prescribed by the competent authorities.

Adult education, as a regular activity or as a regular activity, can be carried out by:

  • educational institutions in the system of regular - formal education
  • specialized adult education institutions - adult education institutions and centers, national, labor and open universities, as well as third-year universities
  • centers and organizations for vocational training, foreign language learning, information and communication technology, training and human resource development
  • auto school
  • employment services and employment services
  • public agencies, public companies and companies
  • chambers of commerce, employers, entrepreneurs and craftsmen and their associations, trade unions, foundations and associations of citizens
  • institutions for professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities
  • institutions for the accommodation and care of persons with special needs
  • penological institutions
  • information centers, counseling and career guidance
  • cultural and educational centers
  • other entities that meet the prescribed requirements


The status of publicly-recognized adult education organizer shall be acquired under the Terms and in the procedure established by law and / or by-law.

Educational institutions in the system of full-time education are subject to the procedure for obtaining the status of publicly recognized adult education organizer.

After the issuance of the act on obtaining the status of a publicly recognized organizer, and after the beginning of the work or implementation of the approved programs, the organizer is subject to the accreditation procedure.

State bodies and institutions that implement training and professional training programs in accordance with special regulations have the status of publicly recognized adult education organizers.

The education organizer may perform the adult education program if it has a registered education activity and if it meets the standards and norms in terms of technical, hygienic, spatial, personnel, material and other conditions for performing the program prescribed by the competent authorities in BiH.