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Developments and current policy priorities

Bosnia and Herzegovina

8.Adult education and training

8.2Developments and current policy priorities

Last update: 16 September 2022


The Framework Law on Primary and Secondary Education in BiH provides that “Education of adults shall be organized in specific subjects and for the purpose of their professional and personal advancement”. “Education of adults shall include professional training, supplementary training, re-training and other activities ensuring lifelong learning. Education of adults shall be governed in more detail in the laws of the entities, cantons, and the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in line with the principles and standards defined in this Law”.

The Framework Law on Vocational Education and Training in BiH provides that "Schools may organize adult training within their registered activities, with the consent of the competent education authorities. The responsible minister shall adopt curriculum for adult education and training.” Also, the same law provides that “Adult students shall be charged for the training. The amount of fee shall be determined by the school board with the consent of the relevant ministry of education.”

Adult Education Principles and Standards in BiHwere developed in the framework of the European Union project entitled Capacity Building for Human Resource Development in BiH (IPA 2009).  The Council of Ministers has adopted this document.  Strategic Platform for Adult Education in the Context of Lifelong Learning in BiH 2014-2020 was also developed under the same project. 

This document presents the strategic basis for the planning and operation of educational and other competent authorities at all levels of government in BiH, on the basis of which they initiate, implement and coordinate their activities in the field of adult education in line with the EU priorities, standards and trends in this area.

The Republic of Srpska adopted regulating the organization and structure of adult education as part of a unified educational system of the Republic of Srpska, which provides adult education, development and training. Also, there is the Institute of Adult Education of RS that operates in accordance with this Law.

Adult education in FBiH is provided in training centers and VET schools. All cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have passed their own laws on adult education, and the Brčko District as well.

Republika Srpska has adopted an Adult Education Strategy in Republika Srpska for the period 2021-2031