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Developments and current policy priorities


8.Adult education and training

8.2Developments and current policy priorities

Last update: 27 November 2023

It is the task of the specific institutions to contribute to a successful further education of the population. Concerning the Law on the Promotion of Adult Education adult education offers possibilities to gain and enlarge know how and knowledge and helps to foster personal development.

The Law on Vocational Education and Training defines the aim of professional further education as the following: “Through organised learning the professional oriented further education enables: a) To renew, deepen and enlarge existing professional qualifications or to gain new professional qualifications. b) To support professional flexibility.

The state fosters offer and provision of the professional oriented further education which are of public interest and can not be provided without the support of the state. 

Higher education institutions on duty of science and/or art have to - besides employability of students - fulfill public relation tasks including the dialogue with the population, lifelong further education and the development of long term and sustainable concepts.