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Distribution of responsibilities

Bosnia and Herzegovina

8.Adult education and training

8.1Distribution of responsibilities

Last update: 27 November 2023

The management of adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is carried out according to the polycentric model. The competent ministries of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina regulate the legislative framework for adult education.Institutional structure signifies the institutional structure in the education sector and the labor and employment sector.

Institutions dealing with adult education and training and in some way producing and implementing guidelines are:

At the level of BiH:

- Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education

- Agency for Labor and Employment of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republika Srpska:

- Institute for Adult Education of the Republic of Srpska

- Republic Pedagogical Institute of Republika Srpska

- Public Institution for Employment of the Republic of Srpska

Federation of BiH:

- Federal Employment Agency of FBiH

- Cantonal / county pedagogical institutes / institutes for education in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Public institution Pedagogical Institute of Una-Sana Canton

- Pedagogical Institute Zenica

- Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton

- Educational and Pedagogical Institute Sarajevo

- Pedagogical Institute Goražde

- Pedagogical Institute Mostar

- Institute for Education Mostar

- Institutes and public employment services

- Public employment services, established in all ten cantons in the Federation of BiH

Brcko District:

- Pedagogical institution of the Department of Education of the Government of the Brčko District of BiH

- Employment Bureau of Brčko District of BiH

Public and private educational institutions, other specialized institutions, employment offices, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, etc. are defined as organizations, or institutions that are organizers of adult education.