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Distribution of responsibilities


8.Adult education and training

8.1Distribution of responsibilities

Last update: 27 November 2023

The state is the responsible authority of the Liechtenstein education system. Depending on provider and programme it is either the Office of Education, the Office of Vocational Training and Vocational Guidance or the Adult Education Foundation Liechtenstein that is responsible and take over the supervision. According to the Law on the Promotion of Adult Education, adult education is promoted by the state. As umbrella organisation the Adult Education Foundation Liechtenstein coordinates the government aid of adult education. The institutions of adult education are individually organised.

As an umbrella organisation the Liechtenstein Adult Education Foundation is responsible for the adult education in Liechtenstein. It is their purpose to strengthen and professionalise adult education. It is their task to coordinate the adult education in Liechtenstein, to allocate the financial resources approved by the Landtag (Parliament) according to the purposes of the Law on Adult Education, and to generally promote and plan adult education in Liechtenstein.

Quality assurance of the whole range of course offers in cooperation with the providers is of high significance, too. According to the Law the Liechtenstein Adult Education Foundation is an autonomous body. It is carried by the Board of Trustees and the Managing Board. The Board of Trustees is appointed for four years by the Government. The Managing Board is appointed by the Government on the request and application of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the adherence to the goals and objectives of the foundation and ensures the administration and use of incoming financial assets in accordance with the legal regulations.