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Adult education and training


8.Adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Adult education and training in Liechtenstein can be subdivided into general adult education and vocational adult education. Courses of catch-up education as well as aptitude tests for regulated occupations follow a specific form.

The field of adult education contains a broad variety of programmes either of formal base with official degrees or of non formal base. Course content vary from humanities, natural and social science, personality, creativity, informatics, language, health, economics and society to professional and job specific courses.

Vocational further education offers possibilities to refresh and deepen existing vocational qualifications or to gain new professional qualifications and career flexibility. Courses in the field of vocational further education that are of public interest and can not be provided without subsidy can be supported by the state.

Entry requirements, course structure, expenditure of time and form of certificates depend on the specific programme and type of further education.