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Organisational variations and alternative structures in primary education


5.Primary education

5.4Organisational variations and alternative structures in primary education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Private schools with a special focus

Private schools are institutions run by individuals or entities governed by private law in which most of the pupils are educated in line with the syllabus of the public schools. There are currently two private schools in Liechtenstein which are approved by the government and are subject to its supervision:

The private school system in Liechtenstein is also used by parents from the neighbouring Swiss canton of St. Gallen and from the Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg. Parents pay fees to the private schools, but they also receive educational grants from the government.

Special schooling

Special schooling is guaranteed by the state and established when and where necessary in collaboration with public and private institutions. Currently, there is one special school in Liechtenstein - the Special Educational Day School in Schaan. It offers children and young people with special needs an individualised education and support from the kindergarten stage, through the lower and middle school stage to the upper secondary stage, including preparation for employment. Education follows the Liechtenstein curricula (LiLe) but with lowered learning goals (Ordinance on Special School Measures, Therapeutic Teaching Methods, Special Education and the School Psychology Service).


The Liechtenstein Constitution allows for private education as long as it meets the legal stipulations in respect of learning time, learning goals and the facilities in the public schools. Private schooling must be approved by the Office of Education and is initially limited to one year.