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Quality assurance


11.Quality assurance

Last update: 11 March 2024

Quality development and quality assurance in the education sector aim to record the quality of education and to make continual improvements. Instruments and measures of quality development and quality assurance are being used at various levels of the education system: at the levels of the system, institutionally at individual schools, or at the individual level of teachers or learners.

Under the Constitution, the state supervises the education system and ensures its high quality. Principal actors like the Office of Social Services, the Office of Education or the Office for Vocational Training and Career Counselling are responsible for the various aspects in question.

Among the instruments of quality assurance and quality development there are, inter alia, the following:

  • State supervision of institutions at the different levels of the education system
  • Obligation of internal quality assurance within institutions
  • Education objectives and curricula and curriculum framework for compulsory education, for education at upper secondary level and tertiary level
  • Educational standards for compulsory school 
  • Recommendations for teaching materials
  • Participation in international comparative studies or country surveys 
  • Regulation of the teaching profession
  • Obligation of in-service training for teachers and staff of school administrations
  • Recognition and accreditation of educational institutions and courses of study at upper secondary and tertiary levels, and recognition of degrees