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Educational Support and Guidance


12.Educational Support and Guidance

Last update: 7 March 2023

The rights of people with a mental and/or physical disability and of children and young persons with special educational needs are dealt within the Constitution and through the Law on the Equal Treatment of People with a Disability, among other provisions. The aim of the law is to ensure equal rights to participation in social life and to enable people to choose for themselves how they should lead their lives. The law forbids any form of discrimination based on physical, mental or psychological impairment. In the sphere of education the Ordinance on Remedial School Measures governs the provision of early learning support and basic schooling - adapted to the particular needs - of children and young persons with a mental and/or physical disability. Referring to this the provisions of School Law are relevant. By means of appropriate measures and teacher support integration of children and young persons with a disability into the normal school are promoted.

The Concept for Remedial Measures in the Liechtenstein Education System issued by the government in 2012 defines the overall system for individual support and integration. The plan gives an overview of the various support measures:

  • special educational measures
  • remedial educational measures
  • special schools

In the context of vocational education, the law stipulates that children and young persons with a disability must receive an education adapted to their particular needs, abilities and interests. The state can contribute to the extra costs involved in providing services for people with a disability where these are not fully covered by insurance or other allowances.