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Organisation of private education


2.Organisation and governance

2.4Organisation of private education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Private education is of relative minor importance in Liechtenstein judged by the number of students, but still offers important complementing services in particular sectors. The resources in the sector of special schools for example is being organised by the Association for special education help in Liechtenstein (Verein für heilpädagogische Hilfe in Liechtenstein) (see also chapter 12 on educational support and Guidance).

Private institutions in pre-school, primary and lower secondary education

According to the constitution and to current legislation private education is possible; it is subject to the same regulations with regard to schooling and the learning objectives (curricula) that are relevant for state schools (const. art. 16). Private institutions must be authorised by the government and are obliged to regular reporting. The necessary preconditions for authorisation are quality requirements for both teaching staff and the school management, evidence of curricula for each school level based on the regulations for state schools, as well as sufficient infrastructure. Private kindergarten are contrary to public kindergarten not authorised by the Office of Education but by the Office of Social Services.

In the field of school-based education there are currently the following private schools in Liechtenstein that are authorised and supervised by the government:

Private institutions in higher education

Within the framework legislation of the Law on Higher Education all kinds of universities are systematised regardless of their public or private background. All institutions offering higher education, including the ones offering distance learning, must be authorised by and are subject to government regulation. On the basis of a performance agreement the government may allocate state support to these institutions with financial resolutions that the parliament has passed.


According the Liechtenstein Constitution private schooling must be approved by the Office of Education. It can be allowed as long as the teacher hast the required professional qualification and teaches according to the parameter of the Liechtenstein curricula (Liechtensteiner Lehrplan). The private education is initially limited to one year and can be extended to one year at a time if approved. In case of doubt the Office of Education can review knowhow and skills of the pupil on the basis of the curricula.