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Management staff for higher education

Bosnia and Herzegovina

10.Management and other education staff

10.5Management staff for higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023



Rector manages a university, and director manages a higher school in accordance with the law and the university statute.

The rector of the university or higher school director are liable for his or her work to the senate concerning academic issues and to the managing board concerning business issues.

The rector or director performs tasks stipulated by law and the university statute.


Requirements for Appointment

Rector may be elected a teacher in science and teaching position of a full professor, who is employed full-time at the university where s/he is applying for a rector. The director of the higher school may be elected a person who meets the requirements for a high school teacher and who is employed for an indefinite period of time, full-time at a higher school where s/he applied for director.

The university rector, dean of the faculty, director of the higher school , financial director and founder of the private HEI can not be a person who is legally sentenced.


Conditions of Service

Conditions of service are prescribed by the Labour Law, Law on Higher Education, the Law on Salaries and other laws and regulations of the relevant educational institution which specify the work of the HEI.