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Adult education and training funding

Bosnia and Herzegovina

3.Funding in education

3.3Adult education and training funding

Last update: 27 November 2023

Main funding principles

Adult education is a shared responsibility, a unit of local self-government, employers, employees, business and professional associations, associations, scientific and educational institutions and individuals.

Funds for financing adult education are provided in the budget of the Republika Srpska / Canton, the budgets of local self-government units (hereinafter: Public funds), directly from the attendees and employers, and from other sources in accordance with the Education Plan.

Administrative and professional supervision of the work of the adult education organizer is carried out by the Institute for Adult Education in the Republic of Srpska, and the competent Ministry of Education in the cantons.

Inspection supervision over the application of laws and other regulations in the field of adult education is performed by the Republic Education Inspectorate in accordance with the law regulating the field of inspection.

Fees paid by learners

In order to obtain secondary education and training of adults, the costs of education are borne by the participants of the Education Program, in whole or in part.

The prices of adult education costs and the assessment of knowledge are determined by a special act adopted by the organizer of the Education Program.

Financial support for adult learners

Costs for acquiring basic adult education with a permanent place of residence in the Republic of Srpska / Cantons are insured in the Republika Srpska / Canton budget.

For the acquisition of other forms of education and adult education, costs may also be borne by employers, employment services or other interested legal and natural persons.

Subsidies for private providers

Private adult education is also conducted through private educational centers, and the costs of this education are borne by the students themselves as well.